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East Branch of the South Branch Watershed Plan

Many years ago, the state of Illinois EPA (IEPA), using monies from federal EPA fines, established a program that funds local efforts to investigate water quality in watersheds.  This program incorporates input from all stakeholders.  The solutions to problems are much more effective when everyone contributes!  In 2012, the DeKalb County Community Foundation and the DeKalb County Stormwater Management Committee were awarded funding to investigate this watershed that stretches into Kane County, incorporates several municipalities and many different land uses.  The PLAN was approved by IEPA in Fall 2014.  Areas included in a Plan are eligible for state funding for implementation by IEPA.  The stakeholders need to identify a project, find matching funds, and make application to IEPA.

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Goals and Objectives

Watershed Resource Inventory and Assessment (document)

Watershed Resource Inventory and Assessment (maps)

Watershed Best Management Practices

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